Matthew Dove
Assistant Inspector General for Audits and Inspections

Matthew Dove, Assistant Inspector General for Audits and Inspections

Matthew Dove is the Assistant Inspector General for Audits and Inspections (AIG A&I). As AIG A&I, Matt leads the agency’s multidisciplinary team of auditors, program analysts, and engineers located at SIGAR’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and previously deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Matt is responsible for ensuring the production of high-quality and timely audit and inspection reports and other products that comply with government auditing and inspection standards, support Congress in its oversight of U.S.-funded Afghan reconstruction programs, and provide actionable recommendations to the agencies implementing those programs. Matt first joined the SIGAR in 2009, and he has served the agency in several senior roles both in SIGAR’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and in Afghanistan, where he spent over three years at SIGAR’s office in Kabul. Prior to becoming AIG A&I, Matt served SIGAR as the Director of Special Projects and as Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Audits and Inspections, among other roles. In addition to these roles, Matt spearheaded efforts to engage Afghan civil society in working with SIGAR to fulfill its oversight mandate and he served as SIGAR’s first Agreement Officer for its innovative and unique relationship with Afghan partners. In recognition of his outstanding work at SIGAR, Matt has earned two awards for Audit Excellence and the Sentner Award for Dedication and Courage from the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, as well as multiple SIGAR awards for Excellence and Special Acts.

In addition to his time at SIGAR, Matt was previously Director for Western Region Audits and Inspections with the Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General, where his oversight portfolio included the Department’s spending and operations at Sandia National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Prior to joining SIGAR, Matt also spent several years at the U.S. Government Accountability Office where he worked for the Defense Capabilities and Management team publishing reports on diverse topics including Performance-Based Logistics for complex weapons systems, mitigating sexual assault and harassment in the military, and the equity of benefits provided to federal civilian employees deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Originally from the Buckeye State, Matt received a BA in Political Science focused in International Relations and Comparative Politics from Bowling Green State University and an MPA focused in Organizational Management from Old Dominion University.

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