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This page is an online archive of SIGAR's Quarterly Reports to Congress, Audit Reports, Other Reports, Oversight Mission and Plans, Congressional Testimonies, Peer Review Documents, and Archived Press Releases.

SIGAR's October 2011 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Reports to Congress

SIGAR's Quarterly Reports to Congress are published 30 days following the end of each fiscal-year quarter. These reports summarize SIGAR's oversight work and provide information on the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan.

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Strategic Plan 2010 - 2014

Audit Reports

SIGAR conducts audits to identify problems associated with the United States' reconstruction effort and make recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Audits are initiated according to SIGAR's Audit Strategic Plan.

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Other Reports

In addition to producing audit reports, SIGAR also issues inspection reports, alert reports, letters of inquiry, and special reports.

SIGAR's inspection teams, comprised of engineers and program analysts, inspect buildings and work sites to determine if the construction: 1) meets quality standards and contract specifications, 2) uses appropriate materials, and 3) is completed on time and within budget. These inspections also evaluate if completed facilities are used as intended and are being maintained.

Alert Reports are issued to: 1) convey significant concerns to management before the completion of an ongoing review, 2) summarize an issue emanating from a previous audit or other work, and/or 3) provide perspective or insight garnered through observations, experiences, or other techniques.

Letters of inquiry deal with reconstruction issues that may deserve management attention. These letters raise awareness of potential concerns and request information about actions taken to address these concerns.

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Peer Review

SIGAR has undergone a peer evaluation conducted by the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE). This evaluation was conducted at the request of SIGAR.

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