Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SIGAR's Hotline provides confidential means for reporting fraud, waste, mismanagement, abuse of authority, and reprisals for programs associated with U.S.-funded Afghanistan reconstruction efforts.

Before submitting a complaint, SIGAR encourages you to review the following frequently asked questions.

  • Does SIGAR review every complaint?

    SIGAR Hotline analysts evaluate every Hotline complaint to determine if it is within SIGAR's jurisdiction. If it is, Hotline analysts will refer the complaint to the appropriate SIGAR staff members. If it is not, Hotline analysts will refer it to the appropriate military service branch or other responsible U.S. government agency.

  • What can I expect when I call the Hotline?

    You will either reach a Hotline analyst, who will ask you questions about your complaint, or you will be asked to leave a message so someone can call you back. All complaints that have merit will be reviewed. SIGAR will only dismiss frivolous or unfounded complaints.

  • Who may use the Hotline?


  • Do I need to identify myself?

    You may report information openly, anonymously, or confidentially. If you feel comfortable identifying yourself and/or providing contact information, it will improve our ability to follow up, obtain more information, and evaluate your concerns. Please visit the Whistleblower Protection page for more information.

  • Will you disclose my identity?

    In accordance with the Inspector General (IG) Act, SIGAR will not disclose the identity of the individuals who come forward with information without the consent of that individual - unless the IG determines that such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of an investigation. You may choose to remain anonymous. However, we encourage you to provide your contact information. Please visit the Whistleblower Protection page for more information.

  • What if I am a Defense Department or State Department employee?

    Your complaint may be forwarded to a SIGAR staff member for further review or investigation, or it may be referred to other inspectors general, military service branch, or other U.S. government agency for further review.

  • How do I report an issue or concern?

    You may use SIGAR's complaint form to submit written complaints through the following methods:

    By E-mail:

    By Mail:

    SIGAR Hotline
    Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction
    2530 Crystal Drive
    Arlington, VA 22202

    If you are not comfortable submitting your complaint in writting, we recommend you contact SIGAR through the following methods:

    By Phone: Afghanistan

    Cell: 0700107300
    DSN: 318-449-3020 ext. 7300
    All voicemail is in Dari, Pashto and English.

  • What should be reported to the SIGAR Hotline?

    The violations listed below should be reported to the SIGAR Hotline:

    • Violations of law, rule, or regulation
    • Substantial and specific danger to public health or safety
    • Contract and procurement irregularities
    • Cost/labor mischarging
    • Defective pricing
    • Defective parts
    • Bid rigging
    • Product substitution
    • Spare parts overpricing
    • Bribery and acceptance of gratuities
    • Significant cases of mismanagement
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Travel fraud
    • Abuse of authority
    • Theft and abuse of U.S. or Afghanistan government funds and/or property
    • Violations of Whistleblower Protection
    • Gross waste of funds

    Minor incidents of the offenses listed above, i.e., minor time and attendance abuse or the misuse of government property or vehicles, should be reported to your local chain of command or investigative service. We encourage you to register complaints and grievances through appropriate management and grievance channels, and submit suggestions for management improvements through the proper channels. Personnel matters involving requests for individual relief should be handled through the appropriate grievance channels.

  • What information should I provide?

    When calling or sending in a complaint, please be as specific as possible. Your complaint should provide:

    • Full name
    • Position, title, and grade
    • Work location with street and mailing address, if available
    • Specific offense you are reporting
    • Specific dates and time
    • Specific location where wrongdoing occurred
    • How the individual completed the alleged wrongdoing
    • Why the individual perpetrated the offense
    • Why you believe the alleged activity was handled inappropriately
  • What should NOT be reported to the SIGAR Hotline.
    • Business inquiries
    • Employment inquiries
    • Resume submissions
    • Political statements
    • Complaints of EEO discrimination
    • Emergencies: Contact your local emergency responders
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