Suspension and Debarment Cases

A comprehensive list of finalized suspensions, debarments and special entity designations related to SIGAR's work in Afghanistan may be found at Appendix D in each of our quarterly reports to Congress. This list does not include ongoing proposals for debarment or referrals of individuals and organizations that are currently under consideration by agency Suspension and Debarment Officials. Additional information about SIGAR’s utilization of suspension and debarment remedies, including current statistics regarding accomplishments to date, can be found in each quarterly report’s section discussing SIGAR’s Oversight Activities.

SIGAR makes referrals for suspensions and debarments to other Government agencies that have been determined to be lead agency, using standards promulgated by the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee.

When SIGAR makes referrals it is based upon a belief, supported by documentary evidence, that the evidentiary standard for a suspension or debarment has been met. This standard is supported by a showing that an individual or entity has engaged in misconduct in connection with a public contract or subcontract, violated antitrust statutes relating to the submission of offers, violated one or more terms of a Government contract, or engaged in conduct of so serious or compelling a nature that it adversely affects the present responsibility of the contractor or subcontractor. For a debarment, that standard is a finding by a “preponderance of evidence” that the alleged conduct has occurred. Suspension of a contractor, a temporary measure intended to exclude a contractor based on immediate need or the filing of criminal charges, requires a finding of “adequate evidence” that the alleged conduct has occurred. Final dispositions of suspension and debarment referrals are determined by the Suspension and Debarment Official for the agency receiving the referral, not by SIGAR. Individuals and entities may be suspended and then later debarred based on the conclusion of criminal proceedings brought against them. Special entity designations are exclusions in the General Services Administration’s System for Award Management based upon identifications by the Commander, USCENTCOM, of individuals and entities that are or have the potential to engage in contracting and have provided material support to insurgent or terrorist groups in accordance with Section 841 of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act. Special entity designations are for an indefinite period and act as notice that contracts and subcontracts awarded to individuals and entities identified by the Commander, USCENTCOM, may be restricted, terminated or voided as a matter of public policy.

SIGAR lists its suspensions, debarments and special entity designations for historical purposes only. For the current status of any individual or entity listed as previously suspended, debarred, or as a special entity designation, please consult the General Services Administration’s System for Award Management,

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