Account Amount (in millions)
Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF) 80,744.25
Train and Equip (T&E) 440.00
Foreign Military Financing (FMF) 1,059.13
International Military Education & Training (IMET) 20.37
Voluntary Peacekeeping (PKO) 69.33
Afghanistan Freedom Support Act (AFSA) 550.00
Drug Interdiction & Counter-Drug Activities (DICDA) 3,284.94
NATO Resolute Support Mission (RSM) 380.98
Military Base and Equipment Transfers (FERP, FEPP, and EDA) 2,339.14

Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF)

Congress created the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF) to provide the ANDSF with equipment, supplies, services, training, and funding, as well as facility and infrastructure repair, renovation, and construction. The primary organization responsible for building the ANDSF is the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan (CSTC-A). A Financial and Activity Plan must be approved by the Afghanistan Resources Oversight Council (AROC), concurred in the Department of State, and prior notification provided to the U.S. Congress before ASFF funds may be obligated.

Afghanistan Security Forces Fund Chart

Military Base and Equipment Transfers to ANDSF (FERP, FEPP, and EDA)

The Department of Defense manages the transfer of military bases and equipment principally through procedures designed for three types of assets, Foreign Excess Real Property (FERP), Foreign Excess Personal Property (FEPP), and Excess Defense Articles (EDA).

Military Base and Equipment Transfers (FERP, FEPP, and EDA) Chart

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